A Craft House Holiday Gift Guide

This year, holiday shopping’s a breeze. No matter who you’re shopping for, we’ve got you covered.

  1. The Beer Enthusiast 0003160_time-for-beer-openerThe Beer Enthusiast is usually someone with fantastic taste. They can pick up on subtle notes of hops and barley on their tastebuds and appreciate all things well-crafted. The impressively high-quality construction of this Time For Beer Opener will not be lost on these discerning fellows. They will be impressed and hang it in the kitchen immediately with their power tools. For the beer-lover’s stocking, toss in this set of six, witty beer magnets. 


2. The Green-Thumb


The Green-Thumb’s work doesn’t end in the garden. Their homes are filled with succulents, ivy, Mother-In-Law’s tongue, and other plants ideal for the household. They won’t be able to resist these Willow Basket Planters that they can prop by the window, on the bookshelf, or any corner in the house that needs more plants. Interested in larger planters? Check out this set of 3 Willow Baskets and this adorable Willow Cup and Saucer.

3. The Cat Lady


The Cat Lady literally does work hard for her cat, so don’t let her toils go unnoticed! Not only will she identify closely with this Work Hard For My Cat Sign, but she will also appreciate your wit and humor. For added hilarity, toss in this Obsessive Cat Disorder Plaque for the multiple-kitty parent.

4. The Bird Lover


If you have a binocular-toting, whistling, forest-walker on your hands, than they would appreciate this chance to get closer to their bird friends. These Bird Houses are not only beautiful, they are solidly constructed with wood and galvanized metal. They’ll look fantastic and be a great habitat for our feathered neighbors. There’s plenty more for the bird lover here on our Bird Accents page.

5. The Mom


Our Mom friends are quiet heroes. They have figurative and literal balls in the air at all times. Share a good laugh and infuse some humor in her home with this lightweight and light-hearted Rules for Kids Sign. Bring a happy tear to your own Mom’s eyes with this heart-warming Framed Shiplap Sign that says “Our Family is a Circle of Strength and Love”, or this beautiful Together We Make a Family Sign.


6. The Wine Snob


Sometimes, the best way to keep calm IS to wine on… with a close friend, of course. 😉 We all have that friend who knows how to suavely swish the wine in their glass and how to perfectly describe the taste after a delicate sip. For this friend, the Keep Calm Wine Cover.

For the wine lover’s stocking, this set of Wine Tags is sure to become a party favorite.

7. The Fashionista


For the fashionista in your life with all the best accessories, this Vintage Jewelry Holder will elicit some “coos” for the vintage appeal that will look lovely on her vanity. Check out our Apparel for graphic tees and fashionable handbags.


And for everything else, there’s the Craft House Designs GiftCard.



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Author: Rebecca McCusker

Rebecca is the Creative Coordinator for Craft House Designs. Her interests include writing, playing piano, guitar, songwriting, and playing in her all-female rock band Linden Hollow. She enjoys gardening, hiking, teaching piano, reading, and painting animal portraits. She lives in the Ohio countryside with her husband, cats, and Australian Shepherds.

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