Halloween Candy Bowls fit for a Centerpiece

If you have kids, you know that the Halloween candy isn’t gone when you’re done passing it out, because your own kids come home with bags full of their Halloween spoils. And then you’re left with candy through Christmas.

What if I told you that the very bowl you use to pass out Halloween candy can double as an entryway centerpiece before and after the night of ghoulish delights?


Gone are the days of the flimsy plastic halloween candy bin that takes up space deep in the kitchen cabinets every single day of the year. These Pedestal Centerpiece Bowls will make your entryway beautiful year-round, and they’ll class up the Halloween act.


And then when spring rolls around again:

0003048_pedestal-centerpiece-bowlsHow else would you use these centerpiece bowls?


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Author: Rebecca McCusker

Rebecca is the Creative Coordinator for Craft House Designs. Her interests include writing, playing piano, guitar, songwriting, and playing in her all-female rock band Linden Hollow. She enjoys gardening, hiking, teaching piano, reading, and painting animal portraits. She lives in the Ohio countryside with her husband, cats, and Australian Shepherds.

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