Self Care for Cozy Autumn Evenings

On a chilly autumn evening when it gets dark early, reading in bed can be heavenly. Whether you spend your days chasing children, working a desk job in the city, traveling, or picking up the phone for clients, all of us need some “me time”. And sometimes the best and easiest act of self care is curling up with a book and a cup of tea in a swath of cotton sheets. _DSC5314

To me, this Wooden Tray from Craft House Designs is a symbol of self-care and relaxation. It’s the symbol of breakfast in bed, the bath-side tea and book holder, the thing that makes it possible to not reach too far for a sip of tea when you’re winding down for the evening. (And don’t forget about the famously luxurious cheese plate that finds its mate here on this tray.)


Orange Tealights G90827

We all love our evening candlelight when the weather turns cold and the nights get darker. But it can be dangerous to have real candles lit at night, especially if you run the risk of falling asleep with a candle still lit. These Orange Tealights by Craft House Designs are adorable, and I love their warm, orange glow. _DSC5300

When you bring tea to sip on while reading in bed, it’s also helpful to have a place to put your tea spoon. (And your tea bag, for that matter!) This Wing of Raven Jar is sure to capture the imagination, and I just love the art of the raven.  Even if you just use it as a mantle decoration to ring in Halloween, it’s a beautiful and mystical autumn accent.

What’s your favorite way to practice self care this autumn?


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Author: Rebecca McCusker

Rebecca is the Creative Coordinator for Craft House Designs. Her interests include writing, playing piano, guitar, songwriting, and playing in her all-female rock band Linden Hollow. She enjoys gardening, hiking, teaching piano, reading, and painting animal portraits. She lives in the Ohio countryside with her husband, cats, and Australian Shepherds.

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