4 Ways to Use Woven Baskets for Fall

Woven baskets have been used in the home for hundreds to thousands of years, and we continue to love them to this day. Here at Craft House Designs, we love coming up with new ways to use this set of three Gray Willow Baskets.Gray Willow Baskets 3 set GBB6S013GBB6S013-willow-baskets-4

1. These serve as beautiful and unexpected candle display, especially for these ultra-realistic yam-scented candles by Luminaracandlesbaskets

2. For holding firewood and logs by the fireplace… we love the different textures the logs bring against the woven willow.


3. For storing throw blankets by the couch or in the bedroom.


4. For storing mums and other autumn florals (As seen in this front porch from HGTV)


And there are so many more ideas for these woven baskets: use them to store children’s books and shoes, garden produce, and more. The plastic liner on the inside mean that they’re perfect as planters and gathering baskets.

A timeless accessory with endless possibilities for fall and all year.




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Author: Rebecca McCusker

Rebecca is the Creative Coordinator for Craft House Designs. Her interests include writing, playing piano, guitar, songwriting, and playing in her all-female rock band Linden Hollow. She enjoys gardening, hiking, teaching piano, reading, and painting animal portraits. She lives in the Ohio countryside with her husband, cats, and Australian Shepherds.

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