To Get the Modern Farmhouse Look, We Recreated this Magazine Cover in our Studio.


Ours turned out with a touch of shabby-chic flair with vintage country elements. kitchen-scene-small

We had a Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine and a Wednesday afternoon. While flipping through the magazine, I noticed that we had so much of the same products that were featured in Modern Farmhouse Style.  And I thought to myself, “You know what? We have those same products that are featured in this magazine, but ours are less expensive and of equal quality.” And that’s when the challenge began: to recreate the Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine cover …. with all we had in the warehouse and studio.

  1. The rusty hanging lamps.


Depicted in their gloriously naturally-lit modern farmhouse kitchen, the magazine depicts a string of rusty lights to illuminate the kitchen table. I chose to represent our Galvanized Star Lampshade, since it has the same thin-tin character but with more light allowed to shine through the cutouts. Reminds me of a luminary on an autumn night. (It’s also pretty festive, which I love.)

Get the look: Galvanized Star Lampshade, $28.49


2. The Aqua Glass Vase with greenery

Around these parts, we really like it when our plants look alive. As much as I enjoy fresh flowers in the kitchen, it can be a downer when they die less than a week later, and then I have to go either spend $5 on grocery store flowers or traverse my pasture  for wildflowers and risk stepping on a snake. (Sorry, mister snake.) It looks as if Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine clipped off some tree branches to stick into their glass vase, and I love that idea, if you have enough trees by your house you can clip from.

Get the look: Aqua Glass Vase, $51.49; Badium Fern Bush, $4.89

3. The Serving Tray and Grain Sack Towel


The Grain Sack Towel is enjoying exceptional popularity lately because of it’s clean country character. All this picture is missing is a breakfast plate of sunny-side eggs and bacon.

Get the look: Wooden Tray, $25.99; Grain Sack Striped Towel, $7.69

4. The baskets

Our woven wicker basket is daintier than the one they have pictured. But what better basket or storing apples or displaying peonies than this picture-perfect teacup? All summer we’ve been simply enamored with the woven willow look, and this teacup just couldn’t get any cuter. And for larger garden-fresh produce, we have our Wire Baskets with Rope Handles. Perfect for eggs, as seen in our last blog post, A Midsummer Kitchen Refresh.

Get the look: Willow Cup and Saucer, $15.99; Wire Baskets with Rope Handles (Set of 2), $64.99


5. The tiny metal flower pot and splash of purple flowers


Something about metal and purple hydrangeas just offset one another swimmingly. What I love about this Olive Bucket is that the cutouts make it a perfect luminary when you’re not using it for florals and other storage.

Get the look: Lilac Hydrangea Pick, $2.70; Olive Buckets (Set of 3), $46.99; Majestic Cattle Runner 13 x 48, $15.50

So, whenever you’re flipping through a decor magazine and think to yourself that there’s no way you could achieve this look, than look no further than what we got cookin’ here at Craft House Designs. When it comes to Farmhouse style, we got you covered.

Which item is your favorite from this summer’s cover of Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine?





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Author: Rebecca McCusker

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