What Farmhouse Decor Can’t Do Without

You can’t have farmhouse decor without a little bit of rust. While driving through the countryside, I’ll see the coolest barn or old farmhouse and what makes it beautiful to me is the rust; the feeling that it’s seen some wind and weather. It brings everything down to earth. Artistically, rust gives emphasis and texture and makes something look distressed and aged, which are great qualities in the farmhouse fashion.


I just love these. I love how unexpectedly shabby chic the Green Wall Pocket and the Love Sign are. Rusting metals go beautifully with other decor styles as well, including industrial and urban. It’s an unexpected twist on a modern style, to bring a touch of the country into an urban space.

What I love about the Teardrop Birdhouse is that you don’t really see birdhouses that look like this… I love the mesh paneling and how you could easily hook it from a tree with a piece of string.

When I’m driving through the small historic village of Canal Winchester, Ohio, by my home, I often see the Rusty Galvanized Moon and Star hanging up on front porches and garden sheds and it gets me so excited every time, because they look mystical and celestial and fantastic.

And let me tell ya, that Green Wall Pocket is bigger than it looks. Measuring 10″ high by 7″ wide, it can keep small notebooks, pens, grocery lists, mail, cosmetics… in fact, I’m interested to see how YOU use the Green Wall Pocket, because there are so many potential uses for it.


Get the look: Galvanized Gathering Basket

What’s really cool about rusty galvanized metals is that they are so versatile. They work perfectly with farmhouse decor, and they also look beautiful in more modern, industrial spaces as well.

Whether you’re into the fresh country look:


Get the look: Galvanized Corrugated Star, Grey Farmhouse Lantern, Ivory Luminara Pillar

Or into the more modern industrial vibes, like husband and wife bloggers Brooks & Dana Tucker achieved with their living room after their fireplace makeover:

farmhouse clock

Get a similar look: Framed Old Town Clock, Mason Jar with Rusty Frog Lid

Rust adds charm and interest, and what I love about it is that it makes a home feel “lived-in” and genuine. It’s the dilapidated tractor in the field vs. the chic corrugated metals for the kitchen and bar. Something about rust feels so American, tried, and true.



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