Kid-Friendly Living Room Ideas

The living room is where the family gathers and where you bring friends to relax. It’s also where you spend time with your children. Here are some ideas to help make your living room a warm and inviting place for the tiny humans we love the most.

1. Have a mini children’s library within kid-reach.

In this day-in-age, the television is often the center focus of the living room. (Who doesn’t love snuggling with their babies in front of a movie?) but it’s good to balance that out with a mini children’s library. This way, the kids have a book to curl up with when you’re receiving guests, cooking, or having some much needed me-time. Besides, books are a wonderful and colorful way to decorate a space.

These Olive Bucket Wall Baskets are perfect as children’s book holders because of their accommodating size.

2. Display toys in vintage glass containers for a whimsical twist.

Even if — especially if — children’s toys are well worn and loved, storing them on display is a welcoming and easygoing way to cheer up a space. And the glass on these vintage-style jars is super thick and safe for a child to handle during family game nights.

Get the look: Vintage Glass Jar, Round Glass Vase

Colorful Legos in this Vintage Glass Jar  looks like old-timey candy shop jars. Happy things!

3. Make your own slip cover for the couch.  

couch slipcover

There will be grape juice, sick days, bodily fluids, muddy feet, sticky hands, and other fun surprises. Even if you have the cleanest house on the planet, kids will be kids. There’s no easier way to keep a couch clean than a slip cover, because you can’t throw your entire couch in the wash! Heidi over at shows us how to make a couch slipcover without overpaying for a store-bought one. She makes it much easier than you’d expect.

4. Accident-proof your candles. 

When you leave the room for mere seconds and come back to a fiasco, you’ll be glad there’s no real fire involved. Best to leave the explosive accidents to your son’s imagination when he’s playing with Hot Wheels.  Instead of giving up candlelight altogether, invest in some real flame effect Luminara Candles. They will last forever (no melty wax!), they’re safe, they smell pretty, and you can put them on a timer so you don’t even have to think about it.

5. Make sure the paint on your walls can withstand a good scrubbing. 

Some of us are blessed with little artists in our homes. Which means that we’ll go to check on dinner and we’ll come back to see a modern art mural on the wall. And don’t get us started on all the other ways kids are hard on wall paint. Somehow we end up with shoe marks and crayon scribbles. That’s why it’s imperative to use washable, scrubbable paint that hides imperfection, like this Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint from Sherwin Williams.


What are your best kid-proof living room hacks?

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Author: Rebecca McCusker

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